All natural sunscreen

The latest all natural sunscreen trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

It enables you and your children to embrace the outdoors healthily.

Child embracing sunshineChild embracing outdoors sunshine

Sunscreen products have been around for many years but over time have been shown to contain toxic elements that contradict the very thing you are trying to do, which is to protect yourself from the potential of cancer through sun exposure.

All natural sunscreens are made exclusively from zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. No added chemical sunscreens or combinations thereof.

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All natural sunscreen helps avoid cancer

By avoiding toxic elements in one's life, of which there seem to be an increasing number, we hope to prevent the onslaught of cancer.

In the sunscreen world, this relates directly to skin cancer. Through over exposure to the sun's UV rays, without adequate protection, the likelihood of the more common skin cancers increases: 

As well as the deadly Melanoma.

Natural sunscreens will eliminate toxic chemical ingredients while offering you top protection for the sun's rays. Why choose any of the chemical based sunscreens then?

All Natural Sunscreen: Environmental benefits

Healthy beachHealthy beaches for heathy sun exposure

As the environmental movement gains more momentum, many consumers are now trading in their favorite products for more Earth-friendly versions.

All natural and organic items are quickly becoming popular and sun care products are no exception.

Natural sunscreen uses naturally occurring ingredients and properties that are gentle enough for sensitive skin, while effectively combating ultraviolet damage. Inevitably they are more gentle on the environment too.

The focus of all natural sunscreens are mostly:

  • Free of any synthetic, harsh chemicals
  • No toxic preservatives
  • No artificial colors
  • No non-beneficial or toxic additives

These formulas use a combination of zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide but many are still skeptical about the use of the latter.

Studies have shown that the presence of titanium dioxide in humans can be potentially toxic. However, as nothing concrete enough has been clinically proven, legislation allows sun care manufacturers to continue to use this ingredient.

Best choice for me is a sunscreen that only contains zinc oxide as the sun filter.

All natural sunscreen with added organic ingredients 

Aloe feroxBotanical extract of Aloe ferox for healing

Natural, physical sunscreens often contain plenty of organic ingredients derived from botanical extracts and essential oils.

These ingredients will usually boost the sunscreen from being protective to being healing as well.

Examples include:

  • A pleasant natural fragrance compared to the synthetic, toxic fragrances used in chemical based sunscreens
  • Hydrating, soothing and moisturizing properties of shea butter, coconut oil, grapeseed extract
  • Skin Healing properties of botanical extracts such as aloe ferox or vera, green rooibos, black tea, kigelia 

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