All natural sunscreen

The latest trend that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon is the concept of all natural sunscreen. Sunscreen products have been around for many years and with time, manufacturers come out with bigger and better formulas and ingredients.

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As the environmental movement gains more momentum, many consumers are now trading in their favorite products for more Earth-friendly versions. All natural and organic items are quickly becoming popular and sun care products are no exception. Natural sunscreen uses naturally occurring ingredients and properties that are gentle enough for sensitive skin, while effectively combating ultraviolet damage.

The majority of such items are created without any harsh chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors, or additives. Most formulas use a combination of both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide but many are still skeptical about the use of the latter. Studies have shown that the presence of titanium dioxide in humans can be potentially toxic. However, nothing concrete has been proven, allowing sun care manufacturers to continue to use this ingredient. But there are all natural sunscreen items that only contain zinc oxide as a sun filter.

Organic sunscreen also contains plenty of natural ingredients that are mostly derived from botanical extracts and essential oils. These ingredients are great for providing a pleasant fragrance (compared to the scores of foul-smelling and nauseating sunscreen items from the past). These ingredients also provide a second purpose. Many offer their own special skin care properties-mainly for hydrating and moisturizing. Shea butter, coconut oil, chamomile, aloe vera, grapeseed extract, and many other organic ingredients are naturally fortified with potent moisturization and soothing properties that pamper the skin while protecting it from ultraviolet damage.

You can find many all natural sunscreens on store shelves but if you want to expand your choices, you can simply do a search on the Internet. There are many fine online retailers that specialize in organic sunscreen. Not only can you find the ideal item for your sun care needs, you can also research each product, compare prices, and read reviews from other customers.

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