Tanning bed tips

If you are determined to have a tan, the following tanning bed tips are aimed at helping you to keep as safe as possible if you are determined to use a tanning bad.

The most important part about keeping safe, is to make sure you don't overdo anything and burn your skin.

Sun burnsun tanning or sun burning?
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Tanning bed tip 1: don't burn your skin 

Don't overdo it.

The most important tanning bed tip is not to get your skin burnt. It wastes all your efforts to get that wonderful all over tanned look too as you will end up with peeling skin and ugly patches of mottled colored skin.

So pay attention to your skin type's recommended exposure time and take it slowly so your skin can get a tan without getting burnt.

  • First-timers should only use the tanning bed briefly and then in increments
  • Do not expect to get your perfect tan in one session
  • It may take multiple short tanning bed sessions to achieve your ideal color

Align your usage of the tanning bed very specifically with your skin type. We are all not born equal where skin pigmentation is concerned and this is what dictates how much exposure you can safely subject your skin to.

Most tanning bed salons will have a schedule or chart to explain how best to identify the correct tanning schedule for your skin type. Even if you have a tanning bed at home, the tanning bed suppliers are required to distribute a chart together with the machine.

Most users of tanning beds feel that turning their light skin darker makes them look healthier and sexier. In actuality, a suntan means the skin has been damaged. Melanin is a pigment in the skin that turns the skin darker and it is produced when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation, to protect it from burning.

Skin color is determined by the number, distribution and type of pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) in the skin. Dermatologists refer to the degrees of pigmentation in skin as "skin types." These skin types range from very little pigment Type 1, to very darkly pigmented Type 6.

How easily you burn depends on your skin type and how light or dark your skin is.

Skin types 1Skin Types One
skin typesSkin Types and how easily they burn

Tanning bed tip 2: go prepared

  • exfoliate well, to remove any layers of dead skin cells in order to assist the tanning process.
  • dress in loose and comfortable clothes such as sweat pants, a tank top and flip flops. This will allow you to easily change in and out of your clothes before and after tanning. This generally helps you not to feel so pressurized by others waiting in line to use the tanning bed. It also helps you to keep the fancy hairdo for after a tanning session
  • don't wear excessive jewelry
  • arrive with a fresh, moisturized face, rather than have your face fully made up 
  • take a shower immediately before your tanning session, using a quality, toxic-free body wash with excellent moisturizing properties

Tanning bed tip 3: protect your eyes

This is one of the most important tanning bed tips anyone can provide and the tanning salon should always insist on you wearing eye goggles.

You should make doubly sure the tanning bed supplies include eye goggles that are sterilized to prevent the spread of eye infections and diseases.

As the UV rays in the tanning bed can do major damage to your retinas, you could play it safe and smart by buying your own pair of special eye goggles for your tanning sessions. Fitted specifically for your own eye shape, they also won't be a risk where infection is concerned.

Tanning bed tip 4: salon recommendations

If visiting a tanning bed salon, try to select one with:

  • an excellent professional approach
  • a noted service etiquette
  • a friends recommendation

Also, confirm that the beds have been properly sterilized before using. 

Tanning beds have been linked to genital warts and staph infections, so this is a must.

It also never hurts to ask the employees at the tanning salon for any advice or information about tanning bed processes, etiquette or tanning bed tips. They are there to assist you and more than happy to help you out.

Tanning bed tip 5: Use a quality tanning bed lotion 

You need a tanning bed product specially formulated to keep your skin from becoming dehydrated during your tanning session.

Choose one made specifically for indoor tanning bed use.

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