Nude Tanning and sunscreen use

Nude tanning is a glorious, liberating way to get a completely uniform tan all over your body.

However, given the fact that tanning itself is not always an entirely safe practice, the concept of tanning nude comes with its own set of risks. 

Do it right and it becomes that much more pleasurable.

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Nude tanning vanity

Many choose to tan nude as a way to avoid unsightly tan lines. Women especially tend to be concerned about tan lines around the breasts and buttocks.

I think in times past it was considered sexy and healthy but the trend today is more about a uniform tan.

Another trend is to wear a bikini or mono-kini it must be so skimpy that you don't see any tan lines or white skin at all.

How many times does one curse the white skin strap mark starkly contrasted against your beautifully tanned skin that could easily have been untied to let the sun in?

Location and nude tanning

Location can be an issue for some.

How to find enough privacy to be able to tan outdoors where you can embrace the wonderful qualities of the sun's UVB rays (also the source of Vitamin D), is a daunting task in this crowded world of ours. Depending on whether or not you want privacy that is?

There are many nude tanning beaches or parks or even specialist resorts to be found in various popular outdoor locations around the world. It can be quite a challenge even then, as seen with this beach in the UK.

Then there is the privacy of your own home in the backyard, by the pool, or even on the rooftop garden of your penthouse. Or so you think.

There is an extraordinary number of individuals who delight in capturing nude sunbathers on film, to the extent of flying by helicopter to find the ones on rooftops!

These days sending out a drone is seemingly very easy. But in Australia it's illegal to come within 30m of a residential property. One man shot a drone down that was spying on his teenage daughter sunbathing. see below.  

But the other trend we have to contend with is Google Maps type cameras - the spy in the sky that we are just so unaware of.

So if it's privacy you want, perhaps the indoor tanning salon is all we're left with today?

Sun safety and tanning nude

actinic keratosiscommon skin cancer - actinic keratosis

So, it seems we have a few options to tan nude - on certain beaches, at the poolside, at home, or indoors on a tanning bed.

However, any of these tanning locations pose the risk of over-exposure to the Ultra Violet rays, especially those parts of your body that are not regularly exposed to tanning. This of course increases the likelihood of sunburn and developing skin cancer, as well as signs of premature aging.

So the best advice for any first time tanning in the sun nude is to take it slowly.

Get a little exposure the first day, a little more the next day, and so on, until your skin is well accustomed and beautifully tanned. Being impatient with this process will invariably end up with very sunburnt skin that will likely peel off within a day or two and create a very unsightly skin complexion instead of a wonderfully sun-kissed glow!

Certain areas of the body are extremely sensitive to sunlight, especially areas that just do not get to see the sun, such as the genital area. When exposed to ultraviolet rays, these parts of the body tend to burn faster than most.

Besides this, if you decide to use a tanning salon for your nude tanning session, another risk to consider is hygiene. Although tanning salons are required to thoroughly clean their facilities, you still take a chance of contracting a skin infection since you are using a tanning bed that has been frequented by people you do not know.

Nude tanning the sunless tanning way 

One way to get a heads up on a tanned skin before going outdoors into nature, is through a sunless tanning product.

By using a sunless tanning product, you'll be able to achieve a golden tan all over without having to expose yourself to UVA and UVB rays.

When used properly, sunless tanning lotion can be applied to the entire body after stepping out of the shower or bath. Be sure to allow enough time for the lotion to dry on your skin before putting on your clothes to avoid discoloration and stains.

Nude tanning for an even tan a pipe dream?

An interesting aspect of nude tanning has been discovered by some scientists, while comparing the tan retention rate of different areas of the body.

They concluded that the perfect all over tan is really a pipe dream, as certain areas of the body are less prone to tanning than others. The result is a variety of shades.

The buttocks appeared to be the most common area that was resistant to tanning, far more so than the rest of the body. So even when exposed to the same amount of UV light, the buttock is likely to resist taking on an equivalent golden glow. This study appeared in the Experimental Dermatology journal.

Nude tanning - safety first!!

Embrace sunshine sensibly

Remember that protective sunscreen lotion of some degree is always recommended, especially for the "sensitive" spots.

Overall, be sensible.

Don't bake your nude body in the sun for hours.

Treat your nude tanning experience as you would any other tanning session - and be smart.

After all, the most efficient way to get your Vitamin D is to expose your whole body to the sun's UVB rays - without overdoing it!

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