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When out there searching for discount tanning lotion make sure to keep this in mind... to tan really successfully, you would be at a great advantage if you start by having a healthy skin.

Discount Tanning lotionstanning lotion discounts in abundance

Smooth, supple, healthy skin will acquire and maintain a glow to your skin rather than just a tanned color effect that very quickly may be dry and flakey.

If your skin is dry to start with, a tanning lotion without a moisturiser will only enhance that dryness.

There are protective skin moisturisers present in many tanning products that will help prevent further damage to the skin.

Most importantly, watch out for the ultra-intense rays in many tanning salons that help you develop a tan in a very short period of time, but at the same time can damage your skin at a deep level that in time you will sorely regret.

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Web sites for discount tanning lotion 

There is such a bewildering number of web sites to choose from when searching for a discount tanning lotion.

But I located the following sites that I believe are good for investigating further....

Discount tanning lotion: Lewies

Lewies have their choice of hot deals that they change every week to choose from for a different discount tanning lotion. They also list what are referred to as "the finest quality name brand tanning bed lotions" at prices with up to 80% off their retail prices. That's a huge discount.

There is an implication that buying via the internet allows you to claim all these very low prices for what are claimed to be some of their good quality lotions. The invitation of "so why pay more?" is alluring indeed.

Even better is if you actually know the product or brand or better still, obtain a personal reference of the quality so that you not only receive the product at a very low price, you are assured it is not of poor quality.

Their variety of lotions are split into 3 categories:

  • Quality Tanning Lotion Products
  • Sunless Tanning Supplies
  • Indoor Tanning Lotions

Discount tanning lotions - Tanning Lotion Supply

Tanning Lotion Supply

Another site offering a new choice of a discount tanning lotion every week is Tanning Lotion Supply. Their top discount level is 70% - although not as high as the above, is not to be sneezed at! They also offer a variety of rewards though, with every single purchase made, so this is equally alluring!

Another attraction from a discount perspective is that they focus on offering a "daily deal" and this enables a different product focus every day.

You may just get lucky and find your favourite tanning lotion being offered with a substantial discount for that day .

Also a favourite for anyone wishing to sample before buying, are the sample packets on offer at around $2.50 - $3.50. Although not a discounted price, samples are priced at a level that eliminates expensive purchasing mistakes.

Discount tanning lotions: Tan for Less

This appears to be a site aiming to service customers wider than most sites offering discount tanning lotions.

Whether you tan in a salon or in the privacy of your own home, or you are an outdoors in the sun person, or you prefer the more sophisticated sunless or airbrush tanning methods, they try and cover it all.

They also offer different initiatives or services via:

  • exclusive coupon codes
  • new product alerts
  • sales & giveaway announcements
  • newsletter subscription

By subscribing to their newsletter you are more equipped to take up discounted offers up to 75% off selected products or sales products that could include major brands of indoor tanning lotions orsunless lotions.

However, beyond discount tanning lotion offerings, they also sell tanning equipment that includes home tanning beds, tanning bed parts, tanning bed bulbs, airbrush equipment, and airbrush solutions.

They even have outdoor sun protection products as well as after tanning products and claim to make tanning products that are made especially for men, although I wasn't able to distinguish why or how they differed?

Perhaps the real bargains can be found in their Clearance Section?

It seems the best way make sure you know about the special discount offers is to subscribe to their newsletter, which does not require a subscription fee at all. This way you get to receive advance notice of any special announcements, alerts, or money-saving deals. Mostly these will be available to newsletter subscribers only.

Discount tanning lotions: The Tanning Lotion Depot

tanning lotion depot

This site differs from the above sites where discount tanning lotions are concerned. They don't claim the extremely high discounts of 70% or 80% but they do go so far as to say they "strive to serve all your indoor tanning lotion needs with guaranteed lowest prices and a wide selection of products."

Guaranteed lowest prices is a big claim and I'm not sure how easily they would compete with an offer of 75% or 80% off?

However, what I do like about their other claims is that they are "committed to providing our customers with the highest level of customer service possible". Sometimes this is preferable to the lowest possible prices.

Another plus is their offer for Free Shipping for any orders over $75 which is always attractive to me in the web purchasing world.

They sell high quality, authentic tanning products direct to you via the web, which supposedly bypasses the high tanning salon costs.

The variety of tanning lotions includes lotions with accelerators, bronzers, or tingles. Plus they offer sample packets for trial purposes or for first time buyers there is a "what to buy" page aimed at helping you choose the right lotion for your personal needs.

Best of all, there is a specials page for their discounted tanning bed lotions.

Discount Tanning Lotions - Below Wholesale Cost

The site below offers tanning bed lotions at "below wholesale cost":

You'll have to check them out and see if the other lotions offered at 70 - 80% off compare?

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