Discount tanning bed lotion

Choosing a discount tanning bed lotion has become quite complex as the tremendous variety of  lotions offered is daunting to say the least, never mind trying to find a discount lotion of good value.

discount tanning bed lotion vs valuediscount tanning bed lotion vs value

It is well worth your while to take the time to compare the different lotions, learning which products will not only help you get the best possible tan you desire, but those that will provide it safely, without any toxic chemicals. 

Price then becomes a side issue!

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Discount tanning bed lotion choices

applying tanning lotionapplying tanning lotion

People who tan regularly have varying opinions on what makes a lotion worthy of its label, but many will say that you need not necessarily be guided by price.

In other words, the most expensive is not necessarily the best in quality and this applies very equally to the vice versa - the cheapest doesn't have to mean it's poor quality at all.

One way to approach this is to look at the more expensive ones, to assess if they have any superior qualities. Once that quality is known, try and find the same in a much cheaper product. Sometimes it's all just marketing hype.

What I do prefer to pay a higher price for, is something more natural or organic, but most critically without any toxic chemicals or synthetic preservatives.

To find a really cheap natural or organic sun tanning lotion is rather difficult, so perhaps opting for discounts given on these natural, organic brands is easier.

Discount Tanning Bed Lotion Safety issues

sunburn is a safety issuesunburn is a safety issue

While most people think tanning beds are completely safe, the truth is that there are two major issues experienced:

  1. skin cancer
  2. eye damage 

The key in both cases is to make wise choices and take the appropriate measures to ensure you are safe when using a tanning bed. This includes:

  • managing your time effectively so as not to burn
  • choosing a tanning bed lotion that suits your particular skin type
  • using proper eye protection

Tanning beds emit a far more intense set of UV rays than we typically encounter from the direct sunshine when outdoors. Tanning bed lotions can actually promote a burn, not a tan, if not very careful.

Needless to say, you then place yourself at greater risk for skin cancer and other premature skin aging issues. Therefore, plan to invest a little bit of time in discovering what the discount tanning bed lotion you have found may contain - to enable not just the best possible tan, but the healthiest possible.

Like most things in life, if you overdo things they can result in problems.

The best approach is to tan slowly, even if desperate for a quick tan. Short five minute increments over several weeks prior to a summer vacation will reap longer rewards with a deeper, richer tan as well as a happier skin.

A quick tan may do the job for the day or night event, but your skin will pay the price in the long term.

What discount tanning bed lotion choices
for pale first timers?

A skin type one can burn easilyA skin type one can burn easily

When tanning for the first time with a particularly pale skin (type 1 or 2) it helps to be really well prepared.

Ideally, tanning lotions should allow your skin to naturally absorb what it needs to provide for a relatively safe darkening of the skin, without any skin damage and especially no burning.

However, there are so many different skin types and not everyone's skin responds to sunlight in exactly the same manner. A pale skin will require that you will use a really strong UV protector, rather than someone with a darker skin type who may even be falsely confident to choose no protection at all.

Tanning solutions are made in various types of strengths and some of them come with an SPF rating, which can help you select the degree of protection that will be right for your skin. The lower the SPF rating, the less you block the UVB rays. Remember that SPF provides protection only from the UVB rays and not from the UVA rays.

Most tanning beds have a high proportion of UVA rays, so you need to make sure you have excellent broad spectrum protection.

So with a fair skin, make doubly sure to begin very slowly and use a lotion with broad spectrum protection. 

Web site assistance for discount tanning bed lotions

I discovered a number of different ways to look for discount tanning bed lotions...

  • There are always options available for discount tanning bed lotions when buying wholesale and there are a number of web sites available offering that. One site claims to have been in the wholesale tanning business for over 17 years and say that many of their discount tanning bed lotions are sold at a special below wholesale price
  • Another option is to search for coupon offers, which is another form of discount that is becoming increasingly popular. Ultimate Coupons provides some interesting options that may not just be about a discount tanning bed lotion, they also offer free giveaways if you spend a certain amount, like moisturizers or sunglasses 

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