Cheap tanning lotion

Is it possible to find a cheap tanning lotion that also provides quality and therefore good value?

cheap tanning lotionAre cheap tanning lotions ever good value?

First step is to understand what would make good quality and then decipher among the results of your search, whether any of the offers are actually good value.

As plentiful as the tanning lotions on offer are nowadays, many of them are perceived as expensive. Most of these top name brands carry items that cost much more than most people are willing to pay and so there are very often special offers. 

At tanning salons, retail outlets or online, you will find many special offers on tanning lotions to choose from.

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Cheap tanning lotions: How to choose?

skin typesdifferent skin types require different tanning lotions

So, how can we locate a cheap tanning lotion and not sacrifice quality?

First and foremost, the best judgment is whether or not the product does what it claims to do. The end result will speak for itself. So if possible, ask for and try a sample.

There are a variety of results that can be obtained. Your judgment will also depend on whether you want a very quick result or are prepared to develop a tan gradually, or something in between.

However, you also need to distinguish between whether or not you need a tanning lotion for indoors or outdoors or a combination of both.

Indoor tanning lotions have no SPF (UVB protection), or UVA protection.

Outdoor lotions will almost always contain some level of SPF for protection from UV rays and the potential to sunburn. The level of SPF you obtain should depend on one thing - your skin type. This will determine how long you can be in the sun to be able to obtain a tan and not burn.

Depending on how long you plan to be in the sun will also determine how many times you reapply the sunscreen so as to retain the tan and not burn.

Also, make sure to obtain a sunscreen with protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

Without any UVA protection you may as well have no protection at all.

Indoor tanning lotions will typically not contain any SPF as they will be designed to maximize your time spent indoors under the tanning booth UV lights.

This means you need to manage your time extremely carefully under the lights so as not to burn your skin or cause any deeper level DNA damage to your skin. This is potentially cancer causing but at best promotes premature aging.

Great that you have a sexy looking tan for today, but not so great when in a few years time you wish you could turn the clock back.

Cheap tanning lotion: Quality Ingredients?

It's really important to look into the quality of the ingredients.

Any additional ingredients that help moisturize the skin are always hugely beneficial as it doesn't matter what tanning you are doing - whether indoor, outdoor or both - your skin will always benefit from these.

Any exposure to UV rays has the potential to dry your skin and prematurely age it.

Additional ingredients such as antioxidants will help combat any potential free radicals and ultimate skin damage.

Searching the Internet for cheap tanning lotions

The Internet is the perfect way to research the best tanning lotions available and there are a number of sites where you can find tanning lotions at affordable prices.

Most often they refer to themselves as offering "discount" and "wholesale" lotions rather than cheap tanning lotions. Invariably, this will mean that they are offering great brand name tanning products at prices much lower than is on offer through the traditional bricks and mortar outlets, including local stores in your area.

Not only are the prices much more favorable, but the selection through an online store is generally a lot larger as well.

The other benefit of the internet, is that you will be able to find out what ingredients the products contains

If no ingredient detail is listed, then look for another site, or another product.

So if you have a particular brand of tanning lotion in mind that you are interested in buying, chances are you can search for it online and see if there are any alternative places to buy it at a cheaper price.

You can also look for cheap tanning lotion through a regular search engine online. The search results will bring you the best websites to look at and then compare their prices.

If you aren't sure what type of tanning lotion you want, just do a simple online search and see what products come up.

Read the product reviews and list of ingredients so you know what to expect.

Always be very certain that you are buying genuine value, as 'cheap' can work out to be 'expensive'.

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