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There are some useful steps to follow to help you decide which product is the best tanning lotion for your particular needs. There are a wide variety of lotions to choose from, which can make finding the right one difficult.

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It is important to note that not all tanning lotions are the same. There are different types, all with their own ingredients, formulas, and purposes. For example, in your search for the best lotion, you'll have to decide first if you need an outdoor or an indoor tanning lotion.

Outdoor tanning lotions:

Are designed to enable us to be outdoors in the direct sunshine, whether it's at the beach, swimming pool, playing sport, fishing, hiking, running, biking, or merely running errands around town.

Outdoor tanning lotions offer SPF protection against ultraviolet rays, while indoor tanning lotions do not. In order to choose the best tanning lotion for outdoors make sure that it will allow you to tan, but at the same time protect you from potential damage from both UVA and UVB rays.

Essentially this means that you will need to manage your time in the sun in accordance with how much sun your skin can take before getting burnt. A burnt skin will eventually blister and peel and there goes your tan! So choose a sunscreen that will protect you as well as allow you to tan. If necessary, take it slowly over many days to allow your skin time to tan without getting burnt.

For best choice of sunscreen, make sure the UVA protection is high and not just the UVB (or SPF), otherwise you will control the tanning from the UVB but not the deeper level damage of the UVA rays.

Indoor tanning lotions:

Are either used for tanning bed purposes or sunless tanning but both are designed for no contact with direct sunlight and as such have no sunscreen ingredients. This must be taken into consideration if you intend to first tan indoors and then go outdoors.

Tanning bed lotions contain special ingredients that won't damage the tanning bed. If you use an outdoor tanning lotion on a tanning bed, chances are you will ruin the acrylic coating of the tanning bed, which can not only damage it but will make you pretty unpopular at the tanning salon!

Choices of indoor tanning lotions vary from those designed for an optimal tanning bed session, to the sunless tanning lotions that need neither tanning beds nor outdoor sunshine.

For these reasons, it is critical that you read the labels and understand which product is intended for which situation.

Different shades:

The best tanning lotion is not only one that is within your price range, but also offers the right shade of color you want. There are gradual tanning lotions that build your tanned shade with each application, while others automatically tan your skin with one application. The majority of tanning lotions come in different shades, such as "light to medium" and "medium to dark". When in doubt, choose a tanning lotion in a shade that is just one color darker than your natural skin tone that way you can see how that particular shade looks on you.

Another helpful step to follow when it comes to choosing the best tanning lotion is to decide what area you plan to use it on. There is quite a significant difference between tanning lotion for the body and tanning lotion for the face. This is another time when reading the product label is important. If you're in the market for a facial tanning lotion, make sure it will not clog your pores and will treat your face sensitively rather than harshly.

Take time to shop around, get others opinions who have the experience and do some comparisons, as choosing the best tanning lotion for your particular needs is not likely to be a quick process. When you do your homework, you'll be guaranteed to find just the right product.

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