Best rated tanning lotion

Best rated tanning lotionWhich is the best rated tanning lotion for which skin?

How easily can one discover the best rated tanning lotion for yourself? 

But more importantly, how do you decide which tanning lotion is the best one for you and your skin type?

There is such a huge variety of tanning lotions available today and they are definitely not all created equal.

A lot of money can be spent creating the perfect tan and so you sure want to get the most out of the tanning lotion you choose.

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My personal bias runs towards ones that are as natural and organic as possible, without any potential toxins.

Having an extra-super looking tan can make you look and feel really healthy, but if you're not careful about what you choose to put onto your skin, you can end up with a very unhealthy skin!

The following is my selection of an organic tanning lotion, which I believe is the way to go in locating the best rated tanning lotions available.

Organic best rated tanning lotions

lavera tanning lotionlavera tanning lotion

Lavera Self Tanner, or Sunless Tanning Lotion

This was the best rated tanning lotion in 2008 as rated by Sophie Uliano, author of New York Times Bestseller: "Gorgeously Green. Non-toxic, naturally fragrant, with quality organic ingredients and oils."

I still rate it as one of the best, even though there are many more out there with similar qualities.

Organic soy extracts provide the active ingredient and are combined with extracts of sugar to deliver its smooth, even application and a natural looking, no-mess result.

Containing organic lavender, aloe vera and rose water, together with the moisturizing organic oils, it offers great skin benefits too.

You can use it on your face and your body.

The recommendation is to exfoliate all old skin off first, then apply the cream all over with even, light strokes. Within 2 hours you should see the first visible effect.

You can choose to build your tan up even more with more sessions until happy with the shade you want.

Best rated tanning lotion and sunscreen

Outdoors requires sunscreen

Wearing a tanning lotion as opposed to none at all, is absolutely a good idea for the health of your skin.

However, please remember that it's very important to use a healthy, non-toxic sunscreen for outdoor protection though.

Having a tanned body makes you feel more comfortable about being out in the sun without burning, but if you overdo it, you will burn and then peel and lose all your hard work!

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