Tanning Towels

The tanning industry has introduced the concept of tanning towels in the attempt to feed the public's growing desire for a tanned body. This remains a popular tanning alternative today. This has been around since the late 1990's. One major benefit to this tanning method is that it doesn't require the sun and its potentially damaging ultraviolet rays, so appeals to an increasing number of people.

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Tanning towels come in different forms, such as towelettes or wipes. They are not the size of a towel you would take to the beach, which is sometimes expected by the description! These towels are packaged in small boxes or sealed sachets that would fit in your handbag easily and can be carried anywhere you go. This makes them convenient for use regardless of whether you're going to the beach or on a long vacation trip.

Using such a towel involves the simple process of wiping your skin - all parts of the body you desire to look tanned - allowing the towel to come into contact with your skin and giving it the appropriate drying time for the tan to gradually develop on your skin. There are no stains and no need to wait for the color to appear after a long period of time. This process can take minutes or up to 4 hours, depending on the product you buy and the effect you desire.

These towels essentially work with the protein and amino acids in the skin, which means that individual results may vary. This may result in making some age spots darken.

Some towels also contain exfoliating properties, which means that you'll be able to get even coverage and give your body an overall exfoliation while getting a great looking tan at the same time. Mostly, the results of a towel last for about one week before another application is needed.

The price for tanning towels varies and can be relatively cheap to very expensive. As always it all depends on the quality of the towel brand and the resultant tan you want.

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