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It is quite refreshing to obtain a specific tanning lotion review from someone I know and trust with such a plethora of tanning lotions available today. This is far better than purchasing a tanning lotion product based on blind faith in what the labels tell me.

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When it comes to choosing a brand new product, it helps to have some type of feedback beforehand so that I know whether that particular product will work out for me or not. If looking for a good tanning lotion, I always try to find relevant review information beforehand, so that I don't waste time and money on an item that doesn't meet my needs.

Marketing campaigns and fabulously famous product spokesmen can make any product sound hugely desirable, and I know that the only real way to know if a product will work for me or not is to try it. However, often I am very wary of purchasing just any item and not all companies will offer free samples or trials.

Where tanning lotions are concerned, knowing how it has worked for other people, always helps me hugely in my decision making process. Reviews written by people just like you and I more than often helps me to identify with aspects of the lotion that I believe will work for me and makes the purchase decision that much easier. Reading lotion reviews has helped me figure out which brands and products to avoid and which ones I should take a closer look at.

The internet is an obvious first choice for tanning lotion review sites. They list how many people have tried the product, how many of those consumers had a positive experience with the product, and how many had a negative experience. This is repeated periodically in the printed media in magazines and newspapers and such. Many magazines also carry special reviews and tell readers what are their favorites. All of this information is great when looking for some influence in your decision process.

Additionally, one of the best tanning lotion review is obtained by asking family and friends. If you have buddies that swear by their tanning lotion product, ask them about their experience, if there are any pros and cons to the specific item they are using and most importantly, see the results for yourself.

Then you can provide a tanning lotion review!

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