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If you are one of the millions of people using a tanning salon every day, choosing a tanning bed product in order to get better results after your session can be quite a task. It is important to understand what these products do and how they affect the way your skin receives and maintains its new tanned color, if you want to make the task of choosing a little easier.

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The most commonly used tanning bed product is a tanning lotion. Also known as indoor tanning lotion, this type of tanning bed product is designed to hydrate and moisturize the skin as well as help speed up the tanning process. Tanning in a bed can make the skin tight, dry, and dehydrated during the session, which is why tanning bed lotions are formulated with a variety of natural moisturizers and hydrators. Not using a tanning bed lotion can cause the skin to look flakey and dry, as well as uneven in certain areas. For tanning bed use, only indoor tanning lotions should be used since it is specially formulated with ingredients that will not cause damage to the acrylic surface of the tanning bed.

However, one of the problems encountered when using tanning lotions, is that it is not able to protect your skin from the bed's harmful UV rays. There is no SPF (sun protection factor) capability and they do not contain any ingredients that can effectively absorb or filter out the UV rays. So in a sense, lying in a tanning bed is similar to lying out on the beach or poolside, absorbing the sun's rays without any form of sunscreen or sunblock on the skin. Tanning beds emit both UVA and UVB rays, although most use UVA, which can have long-term negative results on your skin. UVA rays are responsible for causing premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles, and rough, leathery skin. Besides this, they are now believed to be a main cause for the dreaded melanoma cancer.

The ultra-intense rays in tanning salons help you develop a tan in a relatively short period of time. Healthy skin is therefore key to tanning successfully. Tanning bed products and lotions that include moisturizers allow you to get a gorgeous tan without subjecting your skin to the adverse effects of the sun. Smooth and supple healthy skin tends to retain a good tan much longer than skin that is dry and flakey. Skincare ingredients such as alpha lipoic acid, phyto-age, and copper, are used in many of these tanning bed products and they aim to enhance your tanning results while providing powerful anti-aging benefits.

Besides the vast range of different tanning creams, there is usually an amazing variety of tanning bed products available. These include stickers and UV protective eyewear or 'eye candi'. This eyewear is ergonomically shaped to fit the contour of your eyes, thus aiming to provide you with maximum protection against harmful UVA and UVB exposure during tanning. Some are designed as a two-piece eye protector for use both indoors and outdoors during sun tanning. There are some incredible designs that enable you to get a tan without any undesirable raccoon type effect around the eyes or tan line across the nose.

Then there is the tanning bed product that is a tablet to be taken orally. Using LTyrosine, it is a time-released formula created for the serious tanner who wants serious tanning results from their indoor sessions. LTyrosine is a naturally occurring amino acid.

There are some very specific tanning bed products that deal with the flaky white sun spots that some people get after tanning. These will help the body to eradicate the cause of these spots, a fungus called Tinea versicolor. This is done by breaking down the protective barrier surrounding each fungus cell, and letting the skin heal.

If a serious tanning bed fan, many will opt for a cap to protect their hair and/or scalp. Lightweight, breathable and washable, this cap claims to block 90% of the UV rays while tanning. It protects natural and color treated hair from changing color or fading under the intense UV rays; retains the hair's moisture; while keeping it off the face and neck to allow a more even, natural tan.

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