Is your sunscreen making you sick?

More than 59% of sunscreens are HIGH HAZARD
or NOT EFFECTIVE or both

This is just 1 of the findings of the Environmental Working Group's analysis of the ingredients of 1,592 name-brand sunscreens.

Dr Edward Gorham M.P.H., Ph.D of the University of California, San Diego reveals several facts about sunscreens that are directly opposite to what we have all been led to believe!

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Some of the interesting key points he makes are...

  • skin cancer (melanoma) is most common where there is little sunshine and people live indoors
  • the use of large amounts of UVB blocking sunscreens causes high rates of melanoma
  • the most important source of vitamin D is sunlight and it inhibits the growth of melanoma by 60%
  • deep penetrating UVA light is the main cause of malignant melanoma
  • most chemical filters in sunscreens absorb UVB but not UVA so they do more harm than good by reducing vitamin D and increasing the risk of cancer

In summary:

  • block UVA exposure to reduce melanoma risk
  • maximize UVB, without burning, to maximise vitamin D

How can this be done?

Before I answer, first an introduction...

Sue Ingram

Hello, I'm Sue Ingram and I've lived most of my life in Africa. I have a love of the outdoors, and sunshine and Africa gets a lot of sunshine!

My dual interests in health and the environment led me to research the benefits of natural and organic products and because of my love of the outdoors I focused on sun protection.

For the past decade we - being a team of collaborative, independent laboratories, biochemists, photo biologists, and several technical and field researchers - have developed a range of sunscreens that provide:

  • effective, stable, high level protection against both UVA and UVB light
  • protection against free radical damage and atmospheric toxins
  • active natural nutrients to reverse the effects of damage and ensure against future damage
  • that every ingredient provides a clear and direct benefit and is not merely a 'filler' or included to 'look good' in the ingredients list

The second bullet above is a favorite of mine because.....

The cutaneous antioxidant system is complex, interlinked and operates as a network. Because of this, an enhanced photo protective effect can be obtained by applying appropriate combinations of antioxidants.

As these combinations act synergistically, it has provided us with a prime focus in our research and to continually focus on finding natural ingredients that are also effective.

The discovery of a unique combination of plant extracts is the key 'hidden secret' to being able to substitute these 'botanicals' for the harmful chemical filters found in almost all sunscreens sold today.

We believe the paragraph above describes what makes our sunscreen formulas truly unique.


 is another way of saying 'sun shade'

One of the really magic elements within our formulas has been the use of the 'golden mean' and 'divine proportion' or more succinctly 'phi' after the architect Phidias who designed the Parthenon.

In keeping with our core philosophy of 'keeping it natural'... the natural world is loaded with formations governed by this magic number... ferns, broccoli, river networks, blood vessels, coastlines and you, to name a few.

None of us fully understand its power but we respect it fully.

The fact is, it has guided us to produce a uniquely effective product.

If you're in need of more information, please find the details of the magic ingredients you'll find in sunumbra® at

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