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The choice of a designer skin tanning lotion has become quite complex as the tremendous variety of tanning bed lotions offered is daunting to say the least due to the tanning bed industry having boomed over the last couple of decades. It is well worth your while to take the time to compare different designer skin tanning lotions, learning which products will not only help you get the best possible tan you desire, but will provide it safely.

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Designer skin tanning lotion choices

People who tan regularly have varying opinions on what makes a lotion worthy of a designer label, but many will say that you need not necessarily be guided by price. In other words, the most expensive is not necessarily the best in quality and vice versa - the cheapest doesn't mean it's poor quality and if it's 'designer' it doesn't necessarily mean it has to be expensive! In my opinion, the more expensive should provide superior quality and so I will look for a reason why it's more expensive. Typically what I prefer to pay more for is something more natural or organic, but critically without any toxic chemicals or preservatives.

Safety issues

While most people think tanning beds are completely safe, the truth is that there are two issues to consider with indoor tanning. First, indoor tanning can lead to skin cancer and you can experience eye damage from tanning beds. The key in both cases is to make wise choices and take the appropriate measures to ensure you are safe when using a tanning bed. This includes:

  • managing your time effectively so as not to burn
  • finding a designer skin tanning lotion that suits your particular skin type
  • using proper eye protection

Safety is an issue due to the fact that tanning beds emit a far more intense set of UV rays than we typically encounter in the sun outdoors and so tanning bed lotions can actually promote a burn, not a tan, if not careful. Needless to say, you then place yourself at greater risk for skin cancer and other premature skin aging issues. Therefore, plan to invest a little bit of time in discovering what the designer skin tanning lotion contains to enable not just the best possible tan, but a healthy one.

Like most things in life, if you overdo things they can result in problems. So the best approach is to tan slowly, even if desperate for a quick tan. Short five minute increments over several weeks prior to a summer vacation will reap longer rewards with a deeper, richer tan as well as a happier skin. A quick tan may do the job for the day or night event, but your skin will pay the price in the long term.

What designer skin tanning lotion choices are there
for pale first timers?

When going tanning for the first time with a particularly pale skin it helps to be really well prepared. Tanning lotions are meant to allow your skin to naturally absorb what it needs to provide for a relatively safe darkening of the skin, without any damage and especially no burning during the process. However, there are so many different skin types and not everyone's skin responds to sunlight in exactly the same manner. It may mean that you will require stronger UV protection than someone with a darker skin type who may choose no protection at all.

Tanning solutions are made in various types of strengths and some of them come with an SPF rating, which can help you select the degree of protection that will be right for your skin. The lower the SPF rating, the less you block the UVB rays. Remember that SPF provides protection only from the UVB rays. If your tanning bed is high in UVA rays you need to make sure you have that protection too. So if you have a very fair skin, begin slowly and preferably with some UVA and UVB protection. Once you have acquired some colour, consider switching to lower protection levels. The idea is to prevent burning while still allowing the tan to develop over time, no matter how fancy your designer lotion may be.

Web site assistance for best tanning bed lotions

There are a few web sites that I have found that provide assistance in choosing a designer skin tanning lotion. Lotion Source offer a list of their top best sellers, which gives you an idea of what the top choices are but not necessarily implying what the top quality may be. Top brand choices seem to be:

  • Swedish Beauty - Unforgiven, Pine diamond, Simply Divine, Endless
  • Australian Gold - the Colorology line: My Passion, Barely legal, Sun Dreams, Free Spirit, Body Kisses, Forever After
  • Caribbean Gold
  • Boss - Cool Blast, Boss Zest

These choices range in size from 9 oz to 13.5 oz and in price from $30 to $56

Another site I find quite helpful is the Yahoo site where you can ask questions and get answers from the public domain. Social networking of a sort and in my mind one of the best ways to get a reference.


Examples of useful answers:

A blond girl with blue eyes, and with very fair skin recommended as her choice of a designer skin tanning lotion, the Designer Skin Paradisio Tanning Lotion.

"I had the hardest time getting any color when I tanned. I got a Paradisio free sample pack and used it right away at my tanning salon and just fell in love with it. It smells great, really moisturizes, and gives amazing color. I later found it at my local Walmart for half the price that my salon charges and that made it even better. For the fair skin girls I definitely recommend this."

Another recommendation of a designer skin tanning lotion, but from someone not as fair.

"I personally love Australian Gold Sun Dreams! It smells great and I always get dark really fast using it! Sometimes I also use Australian Gold No Worries because it has a 'stay fresh' technology that helps reduce that after-tan smell on my body. I use this one if I plan to go out somewhere right after tanning without showering first. But the Sun Dreams one does a bit better with bronzing. Don't buy it at the salon though! They charge way too much! I get them on Ebay for half the price! You can find them much cheaper on a lot of websites."

Another habitual tanner recommends a variety of designer skin tanning lotions.

"I love Designer Skin. If you like the tingle lotion then I would say get the Mood instead of Bombshell. Mood will get you darker faster because it has 4 bronzers and Bombshell only has 2. But Black is by far, hands down the BEST lotion. It is going to get you the darkest the fastest because it has 20 bronzers in it which is alot. Spellbound is good too (it's a 4 bronzer lotion) but it is not as good as black. I like Spellbound because it smells really good (kind of like paris hilton perfume if you know what that smells like) and it doesn't leave you with that burnt skin tanning smell afterwards, and Spellbound also has cotton in it and it makes your skin really soft. I have been using Black ever since it came out last December and haven't used any other lotion since lol. The ONLY downside of the Black lotion is it usually runs about $100."

All of these examples have provided fairly good detail on why they enjoy the brands they use - great recommendations to base my decision on which one to try and get a sample to test them out! All part of the process to select a designer skin tanning lotion that suits me the best.

Samples recommended for choosing a designer skin tanning lotion

Once you have located a designer tanning lotion you wish to try out, you'll find there is a good possibility you can get hold of a sample for testing purposes. There is a really good site focused on free samples that is worth looking at for your selected brand to see there are any available. Sometimes it's not always easy to find these free samples, as you really need to know where to look and how to ask the right questions. The owner of this web site claims that one of her favorite pastimes is to do the work required in searching for free samples and that's the reason why she came up with the concept for the website. She has compiled a list of the free samples that are available and lets you know how to get them.

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