Coppertone Sunscreen

I believe it was 1960 when Coppertone sunscreen came out with the very first sunless tanning product, called QT or Quick Tanning Lotion. Since then the concept of being able to literally rub on a tan has become more and more popular. If you are old enough to remember QT, then you may also remember the incredibly orange skin hue that this Coppertone lotion produced? Since then, there have been several advancements made on the sunless-tanning forefront, but Coppertone itself has progressed into a wide range of sun care products, including Coppertone sunscreens.

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Coppertone sunscreen as a brand, continue to create newer products, trying to keep up with public demand for both sunscreens and sun blocks, higher SPF ratings, broad spectrum demands, water resistance and even the growing demands of the call for non-toxic non-chemical demands. Coppertone formulas focus on all ages and skin types and can be found in many different retail outlets. Its latest products include formulas for athletes and other physically active individuals, oil free formulas, sunless tanning sprays, and special formulations for young children.

Coppertone sunscreens provide broad spectrum protection. Ie protection against the full spectrum range of both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are known for penetrating deep into the skin's layers, where it causes damage that can result in the breakdown and loss of collagen and elastin, as well as accelerating the signs of premature aging, such as fine lines, deep set wrinkles, and roughly textured, leathery skin and skin cancers. UVB rays only penetrate the top surface of the skin, but are responsible for causing sunburn and are the main culprit behind the cause of skin cancer.

The Coppertone company has been around for many years and started in 1944 with a pharmacist who created a special tanning lotion that had the ability to darken the skin without sunlight. Its first big hit product was Coppertone Girl, which used the now iconic image of a young, blonde girl having her bathing suit bottom playfully pulled down by a cute Cocker Spaniel. This ad helped put Coppertone sunscreen on the map and has been fairly well known ever since.

Coppertone have a new zinc oxide sunscreen called Coppertone Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50, which is fragrance free and waterproof. Coppertone Sensitive Skin Sunscreen SPF 50 contains 14.5% Zinc Oxide, 7.5% Octinoxate, and 5% Octisalate. This is a relatively high amount of Zinc Oxide, which is fabulous for sensitive skins. However, since this Coppertone sunscreen contains chemical sunscreen ingredients (octinoxate, which has estrogenic effects and octisalate, which is a penetration enhancer allowing other chemicals to penetrate deeper into the skin), I believe the words "sensitive skin" is not a very apt description for the product. If you have truly sensitive skin, you more than likely can't tolerate any chemical sunscreen ingredients, including avobenzene or oxybenzone, another 2 chemical sunscreens to avoid.

In addition, this sunscreen doesn't contain any antioxidants, which in my opinion is a huge disadvantage. Beyond the toxic chemical sunscreen ingredients, they also use other toxic cosmetic ingredients that are listed in the inactive ingredients that put me off. These are Propylene Glycol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben and Cetyl PEG/GGP 10/1 Dimethicone.

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