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California Baby® has a delightful story behind the creation of the brand, where a husband and wife team decided to create a line of baby products without any of the toxins they found so prevalent in their lives. They also adhere to green practices for earth sustainability wherever possible in their business and manufacturing.

California Baby®'s key by-line is "Safe, Natural, Fun"
and there is plenty of information provided about these three aspects of their products. However, I would really like more specific information about the safety and natural claims. The online information tells us a lot about what is not there, but not specifically what the ingredients are for each product. For any purchasing online I prefer to have all the ingredients listed so I can decide whether or not I agree with their statements about being safe and natural.

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That said, I love the fact that they continually research through leading raw material suppliers to create and pioneer safe, new and improved green ingredients. The innovation shows in the breadth of products offered as well as the depth of the green theme. Encouraging is their approach to avoid all ingredients that can trigger any allergic reactions in young children or anyone who is chemically sensitive, no matter the age. The typical sort of things they say they avoid are synthetic fragrances, dairy, soy, peanuts and gluten. Most importantly they avoid anything potentially carcinogenic.

California Baby®'s Sunscreens: important qualities...

  • "All of California Baby®'s sunscreens are chemical-free". ie they only use the mineral sunscreen ingredient Titanium Dioxide
  •  "No fragrance or scent masking agents". In other words the smell of California Baby's sunscreens reflect that of the ingredients only rather than one specific added perfume.
  • "Retains water resistance after 80 minutes of activity in water or perspiring". This would presumably have had the relevant certification tests done for each and every product.
  • "Contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients". Some kind of validation details here would also presumably be provided with the tube.
  • "UVA/UVB broad-spectrum protection". Very important to have high UVA protection. The higher the UVB (SPF) the higher the UVA must be. They say theirs is balanced. It doesn't look like the UVA has been certified but as they use Titanium Dioxide and the SPF is only 30, they are likely to have a reasonably good balance.
  • "Non-chemical sun block, scatters and reflects UV rays, No Octyl Methoxycinnamate." Very good to know they are only using Titanium Dioxide as a sunscreen and have no chemical sunscreens. Although I only say this be deduction rather than having the detail of all the ingredients as hard fact.
  • "non-toxic essential oils like citronella, lemongrass and cedar". These are used for their beautiful scents but this sunscreen is claimed to have "no scent masking agents". This is somewhat confusing? Citronella is typically used as an insect repellant; Lemongrass for its anti-fungal and anti-septic properties as a preservative; and Cedar leaves for the antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic as well as lymphatic cleanser properties.


I am not so sure that it is a good idea to encourage people to use only a small amount as they say it is "concentrated and a little goes a long way". One of the key things stressed by many health authorities is that traditionally people don't use enough sunscreen and so end up getting burnt.

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