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Finding the best tanning bed lotion is a somewhat arduous task to say the least, as there are just so many to choose from. Depending on whether or not you are a newcomer to tanning bed lotions, there are some basic useful steps to follow when choosing a lotion suitable for your skin type specifically.

It is important to note that not all the best tanning bed lotions are the same. There are different types, all with their own ingredients, formulas, and purposes. The following provides a basic list of things to consider as part of the choice process:

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What are the active ingredients and will they have any adverse effects on you? Do they perhaps involve testing on animals, of which you disapprove? Do they contain animal proteins that are of no benefit to you, never mind the animals? Do they contain any toxic chemicals likely to cause allergic or adverse reactions?

Possible side effects:
Besides reactions to some of the chemicals, typically you need to look out for rubbing off on your clothes or causing a staining effect; streaking results on your skin; allergenic skin reactions; bad smells; and yellowing or orange skin tone results. Many people believe that even the best tanning bed lotions don't actually work and just make your skin turn orange. Mostly, it all depends on how you apply the lotion and which one you use. In fact many tanning lotions actually offer guarantees, mostly for about 60 days, but I have even seen one offer a lifetime guarantee! If you're especially looking for a facial tanning lotion, make sure it will not clog your pores.

Speed of results:
There are gradual tanning lotions that build your tanned shade with each application, while others automatically tan your skin with just one application and show results within an hour. Many of the best tanning bed lotions are also now available as sprays, which many people find much easier to apply.

How long results last:
This will always depend on the individual and how well your skin type takes a tan. Gradual tanning processes, as opposed to getting immediate results, usually also result in a longer lasting tan. Silicone technology is used sometimes to prevent dryness and allow your skin to feel sexy and young. This, as well as any other moisturizing qualities, can also help in maintaining a longer lasting tan.

Customer reviews:
The web is a wonderful resource for reviews, but the staff at tanning salons can also be very good for recommendations. Useful contributions include those about the smell and the ease of application, or bad experiences like yellow, stained hands without immediate washing, or really bad smells on your skin that last well after the tanning session. If you're going to buy a really expensive tanning lotion it helps enormously to either get one with great reviews, or make sure there is a guarantee attached.

The best tanning bed lotions come in 3 main types:

Standard or regular
Very popular and usually the most cost effective. They usually contain a wide variety of active ingredients for extra protection as well as for skin moisture and to boost the anti-aging qualities. Apply before you get in the tanning bed and afterwards take a shower in order to rinse the regular lotion off.

Similar to the regular lotions but with extra active ingredients that will provide you with a tingly feeling during, as well as after, your tanning session is over. This after-tan glow allows you to feel as well as see your tan working immediately. You may see a reddening of the skin and then experience a prickling sensation. Some people find this a bit intense or unpleasant, so be sure to test this lotion on a small area on your body before applying it all over.

Additional extra special ingredients are added in order to provide your skin with a deeper toned, darker color. They are becoming increasingly popular as they shorten the time required to get a deep tan. Apply immediately before any tanning session but make sure not to rinse it off for the time specified. This can be for 3-4 hours after the tanning session is complete, but sometimes up to 8 hours is required. Some people even sleep with it on and shower in the morning as the bronzer is still hard at work even if your actual tanning bed session is complete.

In order to decide which is the best tanning bed lotion for you before actually making the decision to purchase, there are many free samples available at salons, as well as through special offers online.

Extra protection note

It is also important to look for ingredients that provide extra protection for your skin because indoor tanning is dangerous and can damage your skin over the long term.

  • Tanning lotions are used to obtain a natural looking tan so it looks like you have been in the sun for ages. However, it is important that you remember that even the best tanning bed lotion you put on before you go out into the sun doesn't do anything to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, so use other protective measures. Some will contain a SPF however.
  • Moisturize your skin while allowing it to acquire a natural looking tan. Look out for great ingredients such as hemp seed oil and aloe vera, or anti-aging formulas, or skin firming agents. These allow your skin extra protection from aging, harm or burning.

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